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    Reforma Migratoria PRO América es un esfuerzo nacional que une a individuos y organizaciones comunitarias bajo una misión de cultivar apoyo amplio para lograr una reforma migratoria integral, humana, y eficaz.

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    Después de dos días de revisión, en los que 60 enmiendas se presentaron, el Comité Judicial del Senado aprobó 27, rechazó 17, y retiró 6 enmiendas. En esta entrada, cubrimos las enmiendas claves que fueron aprobadas o desaprobadas.

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    Ayúdanos a lograr la reforma migratoria integral por unirte a nuestra red de activistas-ya más grande que 1 millón de personas. Únetenos en la lucha para justicia y un sistema de inmigración razonable y humano.



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Eric Cantor, the real obstacle to immigration reform

If immigration is going to move this year then we first have to move the biggest obstacle out of the way: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Yuridia, immigrant rights activist

This past week, I joined eleven other youth activists from across the country who traveled to Washington, DC to send a message to Congress: We will not wait any longer for immigration reform while our families suffer. We will stand up for our families

Papá and his boys

2013 will be remembered as a year of unity and power for immigrant families: Our movement's tireless work moved the Senate to pass a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill in June, and kept relentless pressure on Speaker Boehner and other House leaders to follow the Senate's example. Although we did not see reform signed into law this year, we witnessed a fundamental shift in our country's support for reform with a path to citizenship, and we mobilized the broadest and most diverse coalition of its kind to demand action from Congress. It is now the voices and stories of our families at the center of this debate.

Advocates Pray that Boehner brings needed Immigration ReformIf the Republican party wasn't scared on Halloween they should be scared of 2014 if they fail to pass immigration reform with the path to citizenship. 

We're praying they make the right decision to keep the Republican party alive. 

BankofAmerica photo credit: SEIUWe are spreading our message of family unity, human dignity and immigrant justice to Corporate America. Join us in our digital action today!

Shannon SC Family"Even the most mundane things, such as grocery shopping we have always done as a family," and now they can't. Hear in her own words how our current broken immigration system has torn Shannon's family apart. 

boehnercirToday House Dems introduce an immigration reform bill. Republican leaders continue to blockade the path to citizenship.


Look what you did last month. What are you going to do about it now?

Mohamed with his son and daughter

"As a nation built on immigrants why now do we choose to hate and divide, and ultimately destroy the lives of so many here now?" Nicole's husband Mohamed was deported to Egypt four years ago for missing a court date. Separated from their husband and father, his wife and four children now struggle to get by without him. How long must we wait until we have an immigration system that keeps families together?

Papá and his boys

Three years ago, Shanell escaped with her first child from an abusive relationship, and met her husband, an undocumented man, shortly after that. The father of her second child, her husband not only supports their family of four, but works a second job to support the rest of his family that remains in Mexico. Reform with a path to citizenship would mean that Shanell, her husband, and their two young boys can sleep easily at night knowing they can stay together.

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